How does PostureScreen Mobile work with WebExercises?

How does PostureScreen Mobile work with WebExercises?

When you sign up for a WebExercises Professional account any exercise programs created within PostureScreen will sync or be "pushed" into your online WebExercises account. This will allow you to then progress your patients with more challenging exercises since Posture Screen contains about 120 exercises while WebExercise has over 3,500.

You are also able to sync any exercises from your WebExercises account into the Posture Screen app giving you your favorite exercises in the palm of your hand.

There are also many more features including 1, 2, or 4 exercise per page print options, editing exercise text instructions, protocol templates and more. An unlimited number of exercise programs can also be sent to patients. WebExercises is a complete exercise prescription program for your office that can be accessed on multiple computers.

When prescribing exercises through the app you will still need to purchase exercise credits or the unlimited option since Apple does not allow us to offer free exercise credits.

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